Kate Spade and Taylor Swift team up in new Ked shoe line!



Kate Spade is keeping up with her competition by collaborating with the infamous Ked snickers. The simplicity of Ked’s shoes offers a perfect opportunity for Kate Spade and her team to fully illustrate their creative capabilities. Is it not obvious what Kate intends on doing to the already popular snicker?  Well of course, there will be lots of COLOR, PATTERNS, and unexpected DETAILS! Adding her best attributes to the shoes will certainly attract more awareness for the company as well as being featured in Kate Spade stores. Both companies have decided to work with singer songwriter Taylor Swift who actively wears both brands. Taylor’s young fearless style will encourage her fans to wear Ked’s new colorful shoes that conveniently match with one of Kate Spades beautiful purses.  I do not think there is anything more powerful than Kate Spade, a women who created her own Fashion Empire, and Taylor Swift who has proven herself as one of Americans greatest singers. As a fashion leader and follower, I will absolutely become an owner of the new Ked shoes. I imagine these decorated comfortable shoes to be worn with leggings and a fun lose top, or with dark jeans. I think Simplicity with your wardrobe will be key here. You do not want to over power the centerpiece! Ked’s are also very affordable. They go for 40 to 50 dollars.

Buy your Ked’s now, and show me what colors and patterns you find are best!




One thought on “Kate Spade and Taylor Swift team up in new Ked shoe line!

  1. Felicia, I really love your blog. It’s so visually appealing that it makes me want to go out and buy a few kate spade items. I loved reading this article because it reminded me of a blog I recently wrote about kate spade and her collaboration with an NGO. Not only is kate spade a fashion extraordinaire, but she’s also a philanthropist! Check out my blog entitled “Social Initiatives.” It’s really cool and explains how a social enterprise/NGO teamed up with kate spade in order to empower women in developing countries. It’s a really interesting business proposal that I think you’d definitely appreciate! I also enjoyed reading this blog because I’ve also thought ked’s were too simple, but now my view has changed. kate spade & Taylor Swift’s take on the shoe line is really trendy, and I love the pictures you’ve provided. I prefer trendy things over simple, so I will definitely look into this collaboration as soon as it hits stores!

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