Take the Pany Hose off. Thats what Kate Spade would say!

“Politically incorrect” is the blog post that I have decided to re-purpose. The idea is based on a New York Times article that was written about a group of America’s most powerful political women. The gossip revolved around a Kate Spade wedge that Hilary Clinton was seen wearing all day long. The other women in office were curios to know how Hilary was wearing these heels all day long without showing some type of discomfort. Kate Spade experienced a high volume of sales for this particular product due to its comfort, its sexy appeal, and for its quality. The wedge became an epidemic for women all over the country, especially working women. My interest in this article stems from my admiration for Kate Spade and the evolution of fashion for working women. Women’s professional apparel is no mystery, as it has always been a conservative tasteless look. Women have always lacked the right to express themselves through fashion in the work environment. It is inappropriate to look sexy, feel sexy, or wear colors that stand out too much. But, in the last couple of generations, there has been a dramatic change of view for this commonly known rule. I will investigate the recent fashion trends among workingwomen, and discuss how Kate Spade helps impact the change of this movement.business-woman-istockimagesMixed Race Women Workingyoung-professional-women-2


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