Gifts in Spades!

For all of us in the non-business world, Christmas is over a month away, but for retailers, Christmas is in full affect. The holiday season is the biggest season for all retailers and they strongly discourage procrastination for us shoppers. Kate Spade has been busy putting together a holiday campaign like no other. Instead of using a typical sales promotion method, Kate decided to arrange a gift shopping strategy to help the consumer buy what they want and under their own budget. In the last years, Kate Spade has urged for a larger market share and they have done so producing products that are affordable by lower and middle class people. For this holiday season, Kate has made it extremely easy to buy a gift for a loved one by first selecting a price range you can afford, and then choosing from an option of items in the price category.  In this economy, the gift we buy really comes down to its price tag. What I really love about this idea is the convenience it brings to the buyer. In stead of scrolling through all of Kate spade’s products that I like and realize I cannot afford, I can save myself the misery and time by looking at things I know I can buy. This short cut and selection of prices is pretty much a no-brainer shopping guide.  Kate Spade is very much stating that anyone can afford Kate Spade and you can do it conveniently.

Step 2: Now that you have chosen your gifts, you may be wondering if it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg for shipping, or what options your loved one has if they decide to return in. Kate Spade has set up a page completely dedicated for this informative purpose. It gives a detailed list of shipping costs that are mostly free, as well as returns suggestions and policies, and finally information about how Kate beautifully packages each gift. I can guarantee that you will not experience one of those painful 1800 calls when you purchase from Kate Spade because of the helpful information that she offers.


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