Leave it all….and journey the way Kate Spade would.

Kate Spade is continuously challenging the retail world with her use of digital media, blogs, and taking risks that others are afraid to try. The company has utilized every distribution channel now available to businesses because of all the new technological advances we have seen in the last years. The company actively uses Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and blogs to engaged with their audiences. And of course, they all share the fun, playful, vibrant essence that the brand emits.

The blog that I was recently unfamiliar with was CITY GUIDES. I decided to check it out the other day and I was again blown away with Kate Spades use of social media.

From New York, to London, to the many other major cities around the world, Kate Spade has a detailed city guide for each. The graphics are so beautiful, so inspiriting that I was ready to leave my life, job, and education to travel the world the way Kate Spade would.  Okay, maybe that’s not exactly the most logical road to take, but I can guaranty it would be full of delicious, colorful, adventures.

The San Francisco city guide starts with this quote: “one day if i go to heaven, i’ll look around and say, ‘it ain’t bad, but it ain’t san francisco.'” —herb caen. With this quote, Kate illustrates how people feel about the unforgettable and liberal San Francisco; a nice touch to a blog! Each city guide enlightens you with the best places to eat, sleep, drink, shop, explore, and you can even create your own itinerary.

The point I want to make is that Kate Spade is the only retailer who has these type of marketing vehicles. Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Burberry, and the other high grossing companies have not taken these channels into account. Because of Kate Spades innovations, because of her brilliant marketing strategies, is it possible for her to be the trendsetter that she is. To be quite honest, Kate Spade reminds me of Apple. Apple is known for being the one company that creates what we want/need, instead of satisfying the ones we currently have. These attitudes create a market leader that competitors cannot catch up to and are forced to mimic inventions and production designs.

Now lets take a look at some of Kate’s new pursesJ First we have her terry line that are shown below.

Admit it ladies! We all have a flirtatious side and this is hilarious. Plus I can recall a couple of times that I wanted to move my seat in order to seat next to a handsome man. This terry purses are different, fresh, and truly one of a kind. Imagine the pleasant, funny conversations you could have with a stranger because of the purse. You are flying to Chicago for some business conference, when a nice old lady interrupts yours reading with a big smile and says, “ I guessing I’m not the handsome stranger you were hoping for huh?” In the end you laugh and you are happy because you have made a new short-term friend on your flight!


One thought on “Leave it all….and journey the way Kate Spade would.

  1. I love this post! I really did not know that about City Guides. I’m really glad I read this! I’m planning a trip to London soon and this site looks so helpful. I’m getting even more excited about my trip.
    Kate Spade is a smart lady. I’ve always know Kate Spade as a really cute handbag/ accessories designer but she is so much more! You’re blog is amazing! In Kate Spade I believe! Haha, she’s kind of like a life coach, I can see now why you love her so much and took the time to dedicate a blog to her. She’s a fascinating woman and she has taken her brand to a whole new level. I really am in complete awe of her now. No other brand/ designer does this; but they should start.
    I can definitely agree with your comparison with Apple. Kate Spade makes you think about your future with her brand. Like, what else can she come up with? I love it.
    I also read your post after this one, re-purposing “Politically Incorrect”, I can’t wait to read it, if I get the chance. I believe I also commented on that post.
    I seriously need to start following Kate Spade more. Great job on this post! I feel inspired and super excited! I can’t wait to get that sewing party with you started! lol

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