Friends & Family promotion has arrived!

This past weekend was Kate Spade’s friends & family promotion that grants those most loyal to Kate Spade 30% off their entire purchase.  This is a very special weekend for all the people and I who are not able to afford the regular priced items Kate offers.  I sent a mass email to all of my friends, family, and co-workers about the promotion in hopes they would find something that before was out of reach because of the price. Two of my co-workers bought lipstick from the, “ supercalifraglipstick” line, while my other friends bought iPhone accessory cases. I bought the, “ knock on wood iPhone case, as well as the 2013 Kate Spade calendar! This iPhone case idea is genius because it is a saying that almost everyone is familiar with and people love it. Now that I have the new 2013 calendar I feel like everyday will be more successful, organized, and fashionable. This type of reaction from consumers is exactly what Kate Spades wants and is why people love her brand so much; because of the way the products make us feel.

What is so brilliant about Kate Spades marketing efforts is the way she has differentiated standardized products into unique, stylish ones that have caused positive attraction. The 2013 calendar and iPhone case were the first products I have ever ordered online from Kate Spade and I was shocked to see how much effort they went through to making the online experience different and exciting.  Because of my hectic schedule I almost forgot to purchase the  items I put in my wish list on KateSpade.com before the deadline of the promotion, but that day I received a cute, funny email saying, “ psssst YOU’VE LEFT SOMETHING BEHIND.”

Out of all the email alerts I receive in my inbox, this one certainly was the best.  Kate Spade’s marketing team was successful because I did not feel pressured by this message nor did I see it as an annoyance. Instead, I was thankful for the reminder, and felt good about my purchase. This positive feeling is what Marketers try to capture and it is very difficult to do. Every word and every color used was measured to trigger a response and a certain feeling.  Subsequently, I purchased my items and instantly received a happy friendly confirmation email telling me that there was no shipping cost and information on how to track my purchases.

The best part of this experience was seeing how much money was put into the packing for my simple calendar and iPhone case. My items were stored securely in beautiful, sturdy, colorful boxes with ribbon and were in perfect condition. I felt the excitement I get when like I’m opening up Christmas gifts on Christmas with all my family staring at me! It also made me feel that my money was well spent. Kate Spade’s promotion shows that she values her employees and her consumers. It is a message that will create loyal consumers; a goal marketers fight for with every strategy they have.


One thought on “Friends & Family promotion has arrived!

  1. Who doesn’t love sales? I hope you got good deals from the last black Friday. Speaking of black Friday I feel that less and less people are participating in such an amazing event. I think this is due to crazy mishaps that has happen from recent years. Well back to Kate Spade. I didn’t actually know this designer brand until my cousin started rocking it out. She used her first paycheck for this cute but simple wallet that was to die for. She then got a simple yet spacious bag from her boyfriend. The list goes on but you can tell she’s really into this brand. I, myself, love the Spring/Summer 2011 collection. The bags look schoolgirl yet classic like. I hope you can show some collections that are part of your top list. Other than that I love the colorful layout and cute pictures!

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