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Politically Incorrect and I Love It


Typically, when one thinks of a fashionsta, they picture women in magazines, Hollywood, or runway models. For all of you who follow this perception of beautiful fashionable women, I have some shocking news for you! The New York Times wrote the article, Kate Spade Wedges, about a group of powerful women that said there was a fad of shoes for Political women. Ms. Saujani, a 34-year-old lawyer who is running for democratic primary, was continuously admired for her positive, non-fatigued attitude; and her shoes.   The many curious women she worked with asked her about THOSE shoes, she replied by saying, “They’re the Kate Spade wedges, they’re these politician-woman shoes.” Ms. Saujani was introduced to the Kate Spade wedge after seeing Hillary Rodham Clinton wearing them several times. Surely, these women are on their feet all day so having comfortable shoes is a priority. The increasingly popular Kate Spade wedge seem to be the shoe of a circle of younger women aspiring to power or already in it, women directly and indirectly passing on to one another ways of navigating the particular challenges of being a woman in the public eye.  A quote from the article states “A woman must look put-together, but not as if she is a slave to fashion; she must look groomed, but never be spotted grooming,” and I find this pressure typical for women in our generation, but Kate Spade makes this task pretty easy to handle.  I believe the Kate Spade Wedge became an epidemic in the office when they order a bulk order of the shoes for everyone. The women running for office do not want to hide their femininity and will prove that they can be taken seriously in heels! Kate Spade has not only made a brand that people love, she has created a fearless mentality for women that does not include the anorexic, conservative image.

Fall is approaching, and Kate Spade has been busy creating her new collection which features old expressions like, “ knock on wood.” This entire line is unlike anything I have ever seen before. The line is classy with more warm colors and old-fashioned pieces; just what I think of when I think of fall. Everything Kate Spade offers is fun and rejects all types of seriousness or stress. One clutch in particular is made after an old fashion car with darker hues of turquoise greens and browns. What designer could pull off a car purse and not look ridiculous? Kate Spade could and did. The item that is now on my wish list is called Moonlit Soirée and it is elegantly beautiful. It is composed of a variety of different colors that sparkly even without the effect of the sunlight. I love this piece because it can be worn with anything, leaving us women with one less painful decision to make. Another clever detail Kate Spade offers for the fall is a clutch purse that resembles an envelope. This purse you can easily be paired with her gold paperclip necklace and stand out from the rest of crowd.

Unfortunately, not all of us can afford Kate Spades “affordable” brand, but what I have learned to do is bargain shop my outfits and pair them up with hot brands accessories I love. Kate Spades jewelry is within my price range and it dazzles up an outfit making it look all like Kate Spade!

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2 thoughts on “Politically Incorrect and I Love It

  1. I would like to start off by saying I, too am a huge fan of Kate Spade. I love how fun her clothes/ accessories are! They just exude young, fun and femininity. She has a captivating style aesthetic; you can just tell when something is designed by her. I actually own a couple of her handbags and wallets and they are the brightest ones I have. It’s cool that you’re doing a whole blog on her and her brand. I thought about blogging about a designer too but I felt like I would run out of things to say. I think you’re doing an awesome job though. Your blog is different from others, in the sense that you make connections with her clothing/ accessories. It’s like the Kate Spade lifestyle! It’s more than just a brand, it’s about how you can be in her clothes; in this case shoes.

    I enjoyed this post very much. I love how women politicians are going crazy over these shoes. I believe it is important for women in men-driven occupations to maintain their femininity. The best accessory with a power suit is an amazing pair of shoes! And I agree, wedges are definitely the most comfortable style of heels; you get the height without all the pain.

    I was wondering how you decided on writing about Kate Spade. I remember reading about how you admired her marketing strategy but why her specifically? There are other designers with similar concepts, what makes her stand out for you?

    • First off, thank you for your kind words, they certainly mean a lot. The day I fell in love with Kate Spade is a funny story! Usually after work I go window shopping at the downtown mall and I look through retail stores in hope for inspirational ideas for my own purse line. I like to see what companies are doing with their marketing and what styles are favored. One day I came across Kate Spade and as I walked around the store I began to understand the message her style brings women and to myself. I come from a background of strong independent women and I knew from that moment that I loved this mentality that women can be in power and not be afraid to show their femininity! I hope to be her competition one day:) Looking forward to seeing your future posts!


      Felicia Terwilliger

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