“Sweet Like Sugar Kisses, with Confetti Tweed Jackets”

New York Fashion week was happy to welcome Kate Spade and her colorful retro/modern collection! The first thing that came to mind while skimming through Kate Spades 2012-2013 Fashion line was CANDY. The bright color combinations literally made me hungry, and disappear into an imaginary world full of vintage candy from the 50’s. Howards Peppermint, RedVine Original Licorice, and Necco candy button images were floating through my mind, taking me back to the times I used to play candy land with my sisters. 

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Returning back to reality, I realized that Kate’s entire line was something of functional use to me. I could wear it to school, to work, and even out to dinner.  They are “safe” yet are risky enough so stay clear of the fashion faux pas. I believe this to be another one of Kate’s tools for capturing her loyal and new consumers. A sneak peak video of Kate’s new line was made before New York fashion week launched and it shows some great examples of outfits that can be worn at any occasion. They are classy, colorful, and the opposite of what you would expect to see women wearing in the office; perhaps this is why I have fallen in love with Kate Spade.

I think it is safe to say that women enjoy purchasing products that they will get a lot of use out of.  Kate Spades purses also offer many minor details that make them perfect for a variety of occasions ranging from: a  fancy dinner date, happy hour, running errands,  and even at work.  I think Kate Spade would agree that just because your a mother, does not mean you cannot be fashionable.  When the time comes for a women to exchange her beautiful purse in for a diaper bag, Kate comes to rescue offering bright, fun, beautiful diaper bags with style.


3 thoughts on ““Sweet Like Sugar Kisses, with Confetti Tweed Jackets”

  1. If you honestly want to change the world I recommend you check out libertarian socialism. Libertarian socialists are the most devoted and selfless people I know.

    • I never thought to be apart of an organization such as that! I will check it out. I do plan on making some of my profits go to domestic violence victims and hopefully be successful enough to have a marketing scholarship for students like me! Thanks for the advice

  2. GREAT use of images! Her collection is quite distinctive and you’ve done a nice job explaining why you think it’s so functional. Any misses or things from the collection that didn’t grab you? You’re starting to make me think Kate Spade can do no wrong with your blog… Should she should be paying YOU??? 😉

    Nicely done, Felicia

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